Canoes of Kamehameha Canoe Club

Hawaiian Name- English Translation (Type/Model) Notes

1. Hálani - The breath of life from heaven (Koa) Owned by the Kekua Foundation Ha" = breath = life = power

2. Holonakaiákea - Swift moving ocean current (Koa) Holo - water moving Na - a lot Kai - ocean current Akea - vast, broad

3. Kua'ana - (Mirage) Named after the late Auntie Kua'ana Kekua (Mother of Uncle John Kekua)

4. Tuahine - A type of rain known in the Manoa Valley in O'ahu (Mirage) Much of funding came from Noguchi & Associates. Mr. Noguchi, who lives in the Manoa Valley, was the father of one of the club members, Kanoeau Noguchi.

5. Nahoa - Bold, defiant, brave (Bradley)

6. Holomakani - Moving wind (Hawaiian Racer) Telling the wind to "Move!" First Hawaiian Racer acquired by the club

7. Kaiwiki - River running into ocean. Also, fast sea water (Hawaiian Racer) Kai - sea water Wiki - fast Kaiwiki is also a name of a location in Hilo Second Hawaiian Racer acquired by the club

8. Kaleo Moana -  Voice of the ocean (Patterson)

9. Nakaneala - Hawaiian derivative of "Nathaniel" (Malia) Named after Uncle Daniel H. Nathaniel (Grandfather of Uncle John Kekua)

10. Malanai - A morning wind in Hilo from the mountains (First modified Malia)

11. Liokai - Sea horse (First modified Malia) Bought by the late Auntie Kua'ana Kekua (Mother of Uncle John Kekua)

12. "Green Machine" - (Original Malia) Our oldest canoe, a County owned canoe

13. Kekualani - Named in honor of John Kekua. Bradley Lightning

14. Kawohi - Our Ultra Light